New Website is online

Finally my new website has been launched, with a lot of new and pictures and facts.

I have added a lot of new pictures, but also some old photos they have been made a long time ago with analog pocket cameras.
The newest and some older photographs will be shown at my Folio Site.
There will be a lot more photos within the next several weeks, so just check out my website from time to time for new photographs.
Additionally you will find a new webshop where you could purchase some of my work as Poster or as cloth printing.

There are also my brandnew Facebook and my Twitter Sites online.
Actually there are not many entrys so far, but i will post some news and some photos within the next week. I really would appreciate if you would contact me thru Facebook or Twitter.
Just hit the "Like it" button on Facebook or "follow me" on Twitter.

Check out my Serivces Site for some interesting links and facts. You will find links to some of my colleagues and other artists.
I really hope you enjoy my website. Feel free to add me on facebook, follow me on twitter or just send me a note thru my contact site.

Have a nice day, enjoy life and take some photos.

News Archive

22.July.2013. Portfolio update !

I have added a new gallery to my portfolio.
You will find some cool Photoshop created Art in this gallery. Have fun with my newest pieces of Art.

08.May.2013. Website update !

Within the next view weeks we will update our website. For this reason our website will be down for several times, please apologize.
We will add some new categorys at my folio site, like vintage postcard, a dog lover and a jewelery site.

06.Aug.2012. Shop for Dog Lovers has been opend !

dogs.at.tf Shop has been opend.
If you are a dog lover you have to visit this shop.

04.Mar.2012. Monkeyshirt Website Update !

The Monkeyshirt Website has now a brandnew Design.
Just step by and checkout thousands new Shirt and Accessoires Designs.

02.Nov.2011. DeviantArt gallery launched !

My brandnew DeviantArt gallery has been launched today. Browse thru my new Digital Art paintings and some of my photographs.
If you are interested you could by some of my work thru my DeviantArt Webshop.

12.Oct.2011. New Website online !

Today I have launched a new website, Just check it out, everything is new. Actually the site is not finished complete, but I am sure, you will find some interesting spots. Just visit the site from time to time and check it out for updates.

12.Oct.2011. My Poster Shop is now online

Today I have opened my new webshop.
In the future there you will be able to buy some of my work as posters in different sizes. Feel free to visit my shop an check it out.
[Visit my Shop]

11.Oct.2011. Magix Photo Gallery Update

I have add some of my work and some private photos at the Magix online Gallerys.
[Magix Gallery]